Thursday, July 16, 2020
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"TEMPUS FUGIT, MEMENTO MORI" (time flies...remember death)

Founded by Fr. Michael McGivney in 1882 as a co-operative means to provide for a decent burial and financial support for the surviving Catholic familiy, today the Order offers a modern, professional insurance operation with over $83 billion in assets. Dividiends paid to members in 2011 was $342 million, and death claims, maturities, annuities, etc amounted to $481 million. This is large enough to rank the Knights of Columbus 72nd on the A.M. Best list of all life insurance companies in North America and places it on the Fortune 1000 list of companies.

Our insurance is sold only to members and their spouse and also their children and dependent grandchildren (natural or adopted) under the age of 18. The insurance operation is owned by the members who are whole life policy owners and it is mutual company. It provides not only for the protection of our insured members and their families but also funds our charitable operations worldwide, eg. The Wheelchair Foundation, seminarians, church loans, the Vatican broadcasts, free prosthetic limbs to children in Haiti, etc. There is no "war exclusion clause" in our insurance policies. Utilizing our products, we also assist with retirement and estate planning.


Permanent; Term; Blended plans; Last-to-die Universal Life; Last-to-die Dualife; Single premium; Juvenile (cash value living benefits); Long Term Care; Disability Insurance; Mortgage Protection Insurance; Annuities (RRSP, RRIF, TFSA and un-registered) and variations of them all. Our annuities are guaranteed to renew at not less than 1.5%, however we are presently paying 2.35% (July 2012).


I believe that it is only by reaching beyond our own lifetimes to sustain and improve the lives that continue after us, that we make our own financial security truly meaningful. One's life is one's legacy, regardless of how we lived it. Life insurance is a moral imperative, a contingency made for all the wonderful things we plan for the family.

  • Full and proper underwriting done at time of applying - no post claim underwriting.
  • Swift settlement of claims once all documentation provided
  • Ethical and extremely safe investments based
  • No war exclusion clauses
  • 20 yr Term policy premiums are fully guaranteed for 20 yrs.
  • Spousal waiver of premium = free
  • Medical withdrawal benefit of 50% of payout given in advance for terminal cases
  • Permanent life policy owner is part owner of company
  • Student scholarships possible for children and seminarians
  • Faith based fraternal nature ensures honest and ethical behavior by agents who are also brother knight.
Your council's support for the insurance program is exemplary in the Order.
If you wish to learn more about the Knight's insurance offering please contact our council's advisor (see below):

John Gallop, FIC
Field Agent, Knights of Columbus 
3-6560 Baldwin Street N. 
Brooklin, ON L1M 1X8 
Cell: (905) 442-7242 

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